• How to create an account in the investment platform ZENARIT?

      Simply click on the link "Register", fill in all the fields and click “Sign Up”

    • What if I forgot (not working) password from a personal account?

      Check the keyboard layout and correct fields "username" and "password", otherwise use the password recovery form.

    • How much does account creation cost?

      Creating an account is absolutely free.

    • Can I open multiple accounts?

      Each participant may only open one account. Exceptions can be: family members, friends or associates participants who use the same computer or IP-address.

    • What marketing plan does ZENARIT offers?


    • Who can participate in the investment program?

      For participation allowed able-bodied citizens over 18 years old.

    • What is the minimum and maximum amount for investments?

      The minimum amount is 5 USD. The maximum amount is 10000 USD.

    • What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

      The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.1 USD.

    • In what ways can I add funds to my account?

      We accept: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin (BankWire, VISA/MC, Yandex money).

    • How soon after clearance of payment my funds appear in my account balance?

      As a rule, the funds are credited to your account balance immediately.

    • Can I create multiple deposits?

      You can create an unlimited number of deposits.

    • How to withdraw money from the active deposit?

      You should to go to the "Operations" and click on the "Withdraw"button.

    • How often accrued profits?

      The profit is calculated daily according to the investment plans.

    • How and when can I create a withdrawal request?

      Request for withdrawal can be set up in the personal cabinet at any time.

    • How long does a withdrawal take?

      Withdrawals are made within 1 hour, but may take up to 24 hours.

    • Do you charge any commission?

      We don’t charge any commission.

    • Do you have a partnership program?

      You can earn stable and constant additional income by inviting people to the investment platform ZENARIT.

    • What affiliate program do you offer?

      We offer a two-tier affiliate program where you will receive 13% of your partners’ contribution on the first level and 4% of your partner's contribution to the second level.

    • Do I need to contribute in ZENARIT for participation in affiliate program?

      To participate in the affiliate program participation is not required.

    • Is the invitation of other participants is required?

      Involvement of other participants is not required.

    • Do you provide information about my operations or revenues to third parties?

      We abide by a strict policy of confidentiality. Information will not be shared to third parties.

    • How reliable is your service in terms of the safe storage of personal data, cash and hacker attacks?

      We set up powerful Anti-DDOS protection, released SSL- certificate and proven script on server.

    • I have not found an answer to my question, what should do I do?

      If you do not find an answer to your question, please contact Customer Support.